Julep Junction - Natural Soy Candles

Julep Junction - Natural Soy Candles


Luxurious, all-natural and eco-friendly candles homemade right here in Ottawa. These hand-poured 100% Soy wax candles have a burn life of 50hrs and come in 6 Different Scents.


Spa Love - Eucalyptus and Sage Scent

Love Cove - Clove, Honey, and Fig Scent

Love Squeeze - Citrus and Oak Scent

Petal Love - Sandalwood Patchouli, and Rose Scent

Love Drunk - Peach, Bourbon, and Lavender Scent

Love Ella - Tobacco and Oak Scent



We recycle, you save! 

Bring one jar back to get the next candle for $25

Bring two jars back and get the next two candles for $45